Emergencies are so called because of the nature of the circumstance at the time. Conditions that can sometimes mean life or death. Safety in electrical emergencies and other such crises have to be kept in mind for it not to turn into a very serious matter that costs someone’s life or limb. Delaying what needs to be done can pose further harm, so immediate courses of action have to done. Sometimes even when taking extra measures and precautions, electrical emergencies happen when you least expect it. 


It is imperative to know the necessary measures when tending to emergencies. Nothing is more harmful than attending and botching it. Quite like moving a person after a vehicular accident. Moving the body might be more dangerous as there can be a spinal fracture that wasn’t initially evident at the scene. 


Prevention is better than care

A few safeguards have to be practiced for crisis prevention.

  • Always gently and properly pull plugs. Avoid yanking and pulling hard by the cords.
  • Check for wear and tear, frays and splices and missing prongs on electrical cords. Make sure they are unplugged first!
  • Avoid going near electrical things when your hands or feet are wet. 
  • Keep cords away from pets. Keep them orderly and in open places and not under furnitures, carpets, mattings and rugs.
  • Avoid neglecting feelings of small tingles or electric sensation where an open wire can be lurking.
  • Keep metal objects away from sockets, toasters and microwaves.
  • Kites and power lines do not mix. 
  • Stay away from downed power lines. 
  • Avoid overloading of sockets and octopus wiring. Not only can it cause an electrical emergency but also trip people up.

Safety In Electrical Emergencies 1

What to do in an electrical emergency

  • Keep calm and think safety first! Call an expert electrical emergency service nearest you.
  • When able, turn off the main power source, especially if there is water involved like a typhoon or flooding. 
  • When you see someone receive an electric shock, do not rush and help. They may look stuck but helping and touching them leads to two patients not one. 
  • If the victim is far enough from electric current, administer first aid and wait for help.


Experiencing electrical emergencies can be very daunting. It is rare to see one go through with it without some form of trauma for the first few months. It is distressing to undergo something shocking. Care must always be practiced and safety in electrical emergencies made a habit.