The Ceiling Fan Installation Sydney People Can Rely On

You know how hot summers can get when living in Sydney.

Ceiling fans are a great way of cooling down in the summer months. Installing a modern, efficient ceiling fan reduces reliance on your costly air conditioner which will lead to savings on your energy bill. Fans can be stylish, providing added decor to your ceiling centrepiece, come in different sizes to suit your living space while offering relief from the heat. Not only will ceiling fans cool you down but in winter they can circulate the air by helping to push warm air downwards in living areas to keep them rooms warm.

Ceiling fans are energy efficient and the average ceiling fan costs 3 cents per hour to run, the equivalent of running a 60watt globe for an hour. So installing a ceiling fan will have minimal toll on your energy bill, also reducing your effect on the environment

Tips when choosing a ceiling fan

  • Ensure your ceiling fan is being installed by a licensed and insured electrician as this is required under Australian law.
  • Purchase a DC motor fan as they are more energy efficient and run more quieter than the AC motor fan.
  • Fan sizes are given in blade diameter of 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 and 56 inches. The larger the blade diameter the larger the area will be covered. 48, 50 and 52 will cover bedrooms and 52, 56 will cover living areas.
  • Ceiling fans should be at least 2.1 meters of the floor and 300mm from the ceiling. For larger ceilings above 2.4 meters, extension rods can be used to help the air flow.
  • Choose a fan with timber blades over a fan that will have metal blades.The timber blade fans produce less noise when circulating air.
  • Ensure your ceiling fan comes with a balancing kit. The balancing kit ensures no wobble appears on your fan.
  • Also worth noting, the more blades you have will make no difference to the amount of air the fan can move. The fan can come with 3, 4 or 5 blades.
  • Contact us for the professional ceiling fan installation Sydney people are finding they can trust!

The Fans We Recommend

Ventair Royal II

The White Royale 2 52 (1300m) ceiling fan with a bright 1500 lumen 4000k Natural LED Light by Ventair features the latest ceiling fan technology and design. Ideal for bedroom installation as engineered with a premium long life motor and components, with pre-balanced high grade moulded plastic blades for smoother, quieter operation. Producing excellent air circulation and cooling effect while still being energy efficient.

The White Royal 2 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor under covered installation. Complete with quick fix connectors making installation a breeze by your installing electrician.

Features a summer / winter reverse switch which is located on the motor housing allowing for year round use. The Royal includes a 3 speed wall controller. Remote control options are available *sold separately – see related accessories.


  • Modern design
  • Great for use in living, bedroom, alfresco areas
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor under covered use
  • 18 watt LED light included
  • Excellent air circulation and cooling effect
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Ventair Titanium Harmony II

The Silver Harmony II 48″ (1200mm) ceiling fan by Ventair is modern ceiling fan that is suitable for indoor and outdoor under covered use. With an 15W light kit included the Cool White 4000K LED light kit has an impressive 1100 lumen output.

Designed with high grade moulded plastic the ceiling fan features four (4) lightweight blades with a 11.5 degree pitch producing more airflow while still being energy efficient. For around the year operation, the fan features a summer/ winter reverse switch located on the motor housing.

The Harmony II 48″ ceiling fan are UV resistant for longevity and are designed to be non rusting and anti-corrosive for indoor and outdoor under covered installation.

The quick fix connectors make ceiling fan installation a breeze and the fan’s quiet operation makes it ideal for bedroom use. The Harmony II 48″ also includes a 3-speed wall controller and a light on/off switch.


  • Modern design
  • Great for use in living and bedroom areas
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor undercover use
  • Latest high grade engineering plastics
  • Light weight moulded blades produce more airflow

Hunter Pacific Intercept II

The A2300 Intercept 2 ceiling fan in White is a modern timeless design by one of Australia’s most trusted ceiling fan manufacturers, Hunter Pacific. Designed and engineered in Sydney Australia, the Intercept 2 incorporates high quality wiring and motor components for quiet operation for years to come. The Hunter Pacific Intercept 2 ceiling fan features a 52″ (1300mm) blade sweep and is perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Also featuring a Summer Winter switch to allow for reverse air movement.

The blades of the Hunter Pacific Intercept 2 are constructed from a high quality painted plywood (not cheap MDF) and each blade is weighed and grouped in a set of four. This balancing of weight prevents wobbles when the ceiling fan is in operation.

The Intercept 2 is also suitable for use with building automation systems*.


  • Modern design
  • Great for use in bedrooms and living areas
  • 52″ (1300mm) blade rotational diameter
  • Quiet operation
  • 4 x balanced timber blades
Mercator Caprice

Mercator Caprice

The White 52″ Caprice by Mercator with dual coloured LED Light is an ideal choice for bedroom or living areas with it’s 4 quiet plywood blade’s and sleek modern design.

The dual colour temperature LED light allows the choice between Warm White, 3000K & Cool White, 5000K with just the flick of a switch.

The Caprice is supplied with a wall controller. Optional remote controller is available (Sold separately – please see related accessories)

A Summer/Winter energy saving reverse switch located on the motor housing to assist with both heating and cooling, allowing all season operation.


  • Modern Contemporary design
  • Great for use in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and the study
  • Greater airflow at a lower input power
  • Easy Summer/Winter control setting
  • Dual colour SMD LED Light (warm & cool white)

Brilliant Bahama Charcoal & Maple

The Bahama DC by Brilliant Lighting is a 52″ fan that is energy efficient and perfect for the modern home.

The Bahama DC 52″ fans features 3 ABS Moulded Blades and come with a 5-speed remote control that has a summer/ winter reverse switch and a timer. Classy colonial style evokes the best of the Bahamas. The ceiling fans only consume 5W on their lowest speed and are ideal for ceiling fan installation in bedrooms, living and dining areas.


  • Modern design
  • Great for use in living and bedroom areas
  • Metal body
  • 3 ABS Moulded blades
  • 52″ blade rotational diameter
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