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An intercom system mains purpose is to provide a two way communication by transmitting audio or video signals through a device that contains electronic circuitry. Intercom systems can work in many locations and can have multiple allocated stations in different areas of a building. In residential homes
intercom systems are most commonly used for front gate entry or when someone rings the door bell it will give you the chance to hear or see who it might be.

For commercial type premises or apartment buildings video intercom systems are most used and we are very familiar with the key card door swipe entry used in offices and high rise apartment blocks.

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    Doorbell Intercom Systems

    See who is calling from any room in your home

    intercom installers Sydney

    A doorbell intercom will generally be installed in a residential home and can be found were your doorbell might be. Your master station or receiver which can include a video monitor can be found anywhere in the home and can have multiple stations throughout any living area.

    When the door bell is pressed it will sound and send a signal to your monitoring station, you can now hear and see who is at your door entry.

    Door strikes and locks can be an additional add-on allowing you to unlock the door for someone to enter.

    A modern door bell intercom system will be IP (internet protocol) meaning you can use your phone anywhere in the world to see who is outside your front door although your intercom system will need to be connected to the internet and will have a power supply of up-to 24 volts.

    Brands we work with:

    Likewise to our security CCTV systems we only use the best, the Hikvision IP Video Intercom System and the Dahua IP Video Intercom System. Both companies are the top two leading manufactures in the world today and both are very easy to install as long as you have the right technician doing the job.

    Lets take a closer look at the features and functions of the Hikvision and Dahua IP Video Intercom System:

    • Both systems are pretty easy to install as both are POE solutions which are plug and play.
    • Hikvision and Dahua each have there own remote viewing apps, so you can view intercom footage if not at home.
    • With regards to pricing Hikvision and Dahua are pretty similar compared to other intercom manufactures and both offering a 3 year warranty.
    • Hikvision have the upper hand in their video resolution at 1024 x 600, compared to Dahua 800 x 480, with each having a 7 inch display screen.
    • Both cameras on the outdoor unit have a 2.8mm lens with the housing having an IP rating of 65.
    • Alarm systems can be incorporated into the Hikvision and Dahua intercom system with the two systems also having door control.
    • Noise suppression and echo cancellation are both other great features of both intercom systems.
    intercom system installer Sydney

    Why you should install an intercom system

    Some of the Benefits

    intercom installations

    Whether you live in a house or an apartment home security installation is a must have to protect yourself from unwanted visitors. Nowadays intercom systems have become more affordable to the home owner and the installation has become more simplified and user friendly to the home owner.

    So what exactly are the benefits of installing the intercom system?

    An excellent security monitor – the video intercom system is a great CCTV monitor for front door activity. When the doorbell is pressed you are instantly alerted even if you are not at home, speaking with the guest will give you a good idea of what their character is like. Here you can decide if you allow them to gain access to your property. The modern intercom system will include a high definition camera which will enable you to see the caller day or night resulting from the infra red lens on the camera.

    Monitor your families activities – have you a young family that need to be checked on from time to time? If your young children are playing in the front lawn, why not check on them from your intercom monitor and even have telephonic conversations with them if phones are unavailable to the child.

    Intercom systems are convenient – installing an intercom system can make life easy and effortless since you don’t need to rush out and see who is at your front door or gate entry. If the intercom system has all the added fundamentals and set up up to open gates or unlock doors, homeowners can confirm who the guest is and let them enter by the push of a button. Intercom systems are a great help for the physically impaired especially for those who are confined to a wheelchair.

    Has your parcel been left or even stolen? – why not use your video intercom system to monitor
    the arrival of a suspected parcel. Talk to your delivery personal once he arrives at your front door, give him instructions on were to leave the parcel. You can also play back on earlier footage in the case your package has been stolen by a thief during a specific time of day. Intercom are
    also a great deterrent for would be thief’s and should be looked upon as a good alternative to a CCTV security system.

    IP Video Intercom Systems

    We install and recommend IP video intercom systems

    IP (Internet protocol) video intercom systems are the most widely used intercoms in the marketplace today and allows you to verify a persons identity before granting access or answering the door. IP technology is very powerful and much more advanced than your standard intercom system with superior communication functionalities and designs.

    The video intercom system will have a inside monitor/receiver installed in the living area of a home, most monitors these days are a modern touchscreen display with a built in speaker allowing you to communicate with the other person. The monitor will also need to be plugged into your router to gain benefits such as remote viewing. Remote viewing will permit you to view camera footage while you are away from your home.

    Other advantages of an IP video intercom are a far superior picture and no crackling as from the older systems, all down to the cabling we use. The cabling used for the IP video intercom is a CAT 6 shielded. This cabling will eliminate possible interference such as electromagnetic and electric current noise from nearby electrical cables. We always recommend using wired IP intercom systems, easy to install and less time on site. Yes IP intercom systems can be WiFi, but once the signal fails you lose connectivity to your system.

    intercom system installers Sydney

    Electrical Services

    More Than Just Intercom System Installations

    We provide a complete range of domestic electrical services for home-owners and landlords. From power points and LED lights, to switchboard upgrades and security camera installations, you can be sure of professional, high quality workmanship.

    Hardwired Smoke Alarms

    Smoke Alarm Installation

    USB Power Points

    USB Power Points

    security cameras

    L.E.D Downlight Installation

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    Need a reliable, fast & honest Intercom Installer? Fill in the Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    For emergency enquiries, call Ken straight away on
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