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The Benefits Of Replacing PowerPoints

There are many benefits to replacing PowerPoint, but number one is always safety. Over time the parts in the outlet can break down, and even the plastic coverings can become brittle, disintegrate and expose live parts on the power outlet. The exposed parts can become dangerous and potentially cause severe electric shock if in direct contact with any person. With such a high risk and a low cost to resolve, the danger is simply not worth putting off.

We have many times come across the powerpoints internal links breaking down and the outlet not functioning. The power outlets aesthetics, in due time, will fade in colour and when this occurs, expect the plastic covering to break off against the wall and expose the 240-volt active copper links. Replacing the old power outlets with new modern type outlets will enhance the look of your home at an inexpensive cost.

Benefits include –

● Increased Safety – broken or damaged power points can become a safety hazard and can cause electrocution if exposed copper becomes present on the outlet. The exposed copper elements form from wear and tear on the plastic covering of the power outlet. The plastic surfaces, over time, become brittle and lose their colouring; when this happens, we recommend calling an electrician to remove the power outlets from the circuit. Powerpoints nowadays must have RCD (safety switch) protection to prevent earth leakage currents (electric shock), and this should protect the cabling from damage.

● Improves Home Decor – there are many different brands, styles, colours, and textures when replacing power outlets in your home. Our go-to brands Clipsal & HPM, have a wide range of styles and colours. One of our clients’ favourites, Clipsal Iconic, has easily changeable skin covers to complement specific decor or lifestyle due to its slim, sleek, and clean look. HPM Linea offers a slimmer design and brighter colours to add a fun type of texture to your home. Clipsal and HPM provide a wide range of electrical functions in addition to single or double power outlets, including USB chargers, dimmers, TV connectors and smart home switches and sockets.

● Add Extra Outlets & Functions – nowadays, with advanced movement towards modern technology, gadgets and devices rely on more powerpoints to charge. The majority of Australian homes rely heavily on charging stations for electronic devices to become functional. Solving this problem is becoming relatively easy with the introduction of USB Power Outlet Chargers; this device is identical to the double outlet except for the additional two USB ports, positioned centred on the outlet. Another popular product is the Quad Power Outlet; instead of the usual two power sources, the Quad provides four power sockets.

● Location – one of the benefits when upgrading Powerpoints is the ability to relocate the outlet into a different area of the room or wall. Some outlets may be out of position due to perhaps a redesign of a room in your home. For instance, a modified bedroom, and now on each side of the bed, there are no powerpoints for table lamps or charging stations to charge mobile phones or other types of electronic devices. The kitchen would be another area that might be re-shaped and will need PowerPoints installed in different locations.

KM Electric Provide Fast, Safe & Affordable Power Point Installations Throughout Sydney

How Our PowerPoint Installation And Replacement Works

A quick, cost-effective and straightforward process, this job should take no more than 15 minutes. Even though the installation is simple, there are complicated steps involved, and a licensed electrician should only carry out this type of electrical work. At km.electric all our electricians are licenced and fully component in carrying out these jobs.

The steps we take –

● Our team will always make sure the area is clean and clear of any obstacles that may potentially cause a hazardous condition.
● When the area is clear, we will lay out dust sheets to prevent dirt or tools from dropping on your floor.
● We can now isolate the power supply to the PowerPoint.
● Most of the time, the paint will be somehow attached to the power outlet in your home. If this is the case, we carefully scribe around the outlet so the paint will not pull away from the wall.
● We unfasten the two screws that hold the PowerPoint in place, and the outlet can be removed from the wall. The electrician will test the outlet for voltage to make sure all is safe.

● The old PowerPoint will be disconnected, and the old cabling re-stripped, so connections are firm when reconnecting.
● Our electrician will always be diligent when connecting the new PowerPoint; our team understand to check all connections before attaching the power outlet to the wall.
● Before we tighten the two screws, the electrician will place a Level over the outlet, making sure the new PowerPoint is nice and straight.
● We energise the power supply and clean down the work area, leaving it the way it was before we arrived.
● The km.electric electrician will test the power outlet to ensure the terminations are working in the correct order.

We should remember that RCD/RCBOs should protect the PowerPoint circuits. If Not already installed, our electrician will provide details on why we need to have the safety switches installed. The RCD/RCBOs will offer the necessary overload and short circuit protection required in the AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules

The Brands & Types Of PowerPoints We Install

USB Power Points

Almost all modern households will accommodate the same type of power outlets, whether double, single or even quad; they all work in the same way. With the way technology is moving and the more new appliances and devices we have, there is a strong demand for more powerpoints throughout every home. Even though additionals outlets are required, some homes are still cheaply built as contractors are underquoting to win the jobs. The expenses will soon be passed down to the owner when installing new powerpoints in their new property. Installing additional powerpoints can be straightforward or demand a couple of hours worth of man labour.

It will all depend on the length of the cable run, access from the power supply to the new PowerPoint, if external ducting or conduit is required, and the type brand of the power outlet.

Today’s market, saturated with different types and brands of powerpoints, from Clipsal Iconic, Classic series, 2000 series and the popular Saturn series. One of our go-to products, Clipsal Iconic, as the skins can be easily removed. Skin colours can range from classic white, black, silver and even light pink in all types of switches and powerpoints. Other reliable and recommended power outlets would be Le Grands Excel and Hagers Silhouette, but another of our featured Powerpoints would be HPM’s Linea. The linea has a slimmer profile from the standard power outlet, can blend more easily into walls, and a choice of brighter colours. They also have a range of colour plates which are easy to remove from the outlet.

Nowadays, we have so many types of powerpoints that the outlets get more intelligent as technology moves forward. The USB power outlet is popular by demand; the days of the power adaptor to charge devices seem to have had its day. The USB is similar to a double PowerPoint; the only differentiation would be the two USB ports, allowing you to plug the charging lead into the ports. The quad outlet features four power plugs instead of the standard two. It is a highly sought product, great above the kitchen benchtop for additional appliances and behind the TV unit for all other electrical devices.

The Cost Of PowerPoint Installations

The Cost Of PowerPoint Installations
There are several factors to include when working out the cost for a PowerPoint installation and PowerPoint replacement. Pricing a power outlet replacement is relatively straightforward, as the time it takes to replace a PowerPoint should not take 30 minutes.

Charging for PowerPoint replacement starts from $120; this can differ depending on the type of PowerPoint, whether it’s standard, Quad or even a USB power outlet. The brand of PowerPoint can also affect pricing; some brands can cost more than others. The colours and faceplate type can also determine the price; stainless steel or gold plated coverings will cost slightly more than the standard power outlet.

If a new PowerPoint installation is required or an existing PowerPoint needs to be relocated, charges may be different than replacing a power outlet. We have made a list of some of the variations that may occur –

When it comes to location, we first consider what type of wall we mount the PowerPoint. We then determine if the wall is external or internal, the outer wall being less expensive than an inner wall. The exterior wall will consist of a wall cavity; here, the electrician can place cables in the wall using a yellow tongue. Internal walls could need wall chasing or some type of mechanical protection like a cable duct to protect the wire from exterior damage. Another factor relating to the location that would decide on cost, the length of cable run to the nearest power supply.

Circuit protection
Will the new PowerPoint installation be on a circuit that is protected by an RCD/RCBO (safety switch)? Some older homes could have the old type fuses in place without adequate RCD/RCBO protection. The AS/NZS Electrical standards state new powerpoints added to an existing circuit must have a safety switch to protect the existing power outlets. Further checks on the cabling condition should be made to make sure the wiring is up to standard. Adding an additional safety switch to the power circuit could incur an extra charge of up to $90. Circuit protection is vital for your safety and others. If any accidents were to happen relating to the new PowerPoint, which a safety switch has not protected the circuit, we Km.electric would be liable for damages.

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