Importance of a security camera system

The days of having a fence and keeping your doors locked may no longer be enough to deter unwanted criminals …

In Sydney alone BOCSAR (the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research) states that 1 in 4 homes have been burgled when homeowners have been at home and that 1.5% of households have had an attempted break-in. With strategic planning, security cameras can be placed around your home to discourage unwanted criminals and reduce the risk of a break in by up to 95%.

In these times with the accessibility and affordability of technology, in fact not having some form of security camera installation is a strange decision from the homeowner. And yes, homeowners will settle on buying a cheap camera system which will be good news for your friendly criminal, as they professionally know poorly installed camera systems are less likely to operate well, if at all, which reduces the chance of them being caught. Licensed security installers will know the best brands to install, how many cameras are needed and the best positions for each camera.

Why you should install security cameras

Security Camera Installation

Crime Prevention – One of the largest benefits of installing a security for your home/business. Outside of being able to monitor your property, security cameras are an excellent way of scaring off unwanted criminal activity. Just like seeing a home alarm system, an intruder seeing a camera may decide its easier and safer to look elsewhere.

Insurance Deductions – While benefiting financially should never be your number one priority when in installing a CCTV system, it is by all means an added bonus that can make installing a security system more feasible. When accessing your insurance policy the security to your home will be a big influence on the amount you will actually pay.

Identifying Criminals – If a crime occurs on your property, prosecutors have a greater chance of convicting criminals if security cameras have been installed on your property. Suspects can easily be identified and the CCTV footage is compelling evidence for the courts.

Cost Effective – In the last 2 years installations of CCTV systems have tripled and when demand is high prices will decrease. With so many brands to choose from and so much competition within the industry, security systems have now found a place in the residential market and have become an affordable and effective tool against crime within the community.

User Friendly – Once your camera system has been installed there is nothing else for you to do. The security system will be on continuous record and the only real thing you would need to worry about, is playback, this will allow you to watch over criminal activity, if it had taken place on a previous night.

Why NOT spy on your pet

What do your pets get up to when your out and about. Why not get rid of the pet carer and use your camera system to watch over your pet. We can even install audible cameras fitted with speakers so you can communicate with your pet and even telling your dog to stop barking when causing annoyance with the neighbour.

Why we only install IP cameras

Security Camera Installation

An IP camera [Internet Protocol] is a type of digital camera that is used for security surveillance systems and uses an internet based connection in order to store data [footage]that it records. IP cameras have the ability to act as a PC and camera combined, so they don’t need a direct connection to your PC. The images from your cameras can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet through a PC, laptop or mobile phone. Depending on the type of camera it can also be remotely controlled or listened to through the audio streaming.

The IP camera can power and transmit video over a single cable called Cat 5e or Cat 6 compared to the analog camera using coaxial cable and a separate electrical cable to source power for your camera.

When it come to Picture Quality the analog at its best could not handle the picture efficiency of the poorest IP camera. The IP camera has 6 to 20 times higher a resolution than the analog camera. IP cameras offer resolutions that can range from 1.3 megapixels to 4k and offer more video site ranges such as wide or narrow field of view. So potentially 1 IP camera can do the job of 3 – 4 analog cameras.

Digital Zoom is another feature of an IP camera which is unavailable in the old analog camera systems. The more pixels you have available in the image the more zoom in capabilities you will have before the image starts to break up. This feature is especially useful when trying to capture peoples faces or read vehicle number plates.

Video Analytics on a IP camera system have far more intelligence than the analog cameras. This basically means that you can set your network to flag events that occur in your cameras field of vision. Features such as motion detection, cross line detection, wide dynamic range and improved low light functionality will allow the camera to make adjustments and to trigger events.

The camera systems we use

Security Camera Installation

Hikvision Camera Systems

The Hikvision brand is our number 1 brand and also the worlds leading manufacture in security camera systems. Hikvision have an immense range of security cameras designed with cutting edge technology and also have a credible price tag. Their cameras can be easily integrated with specific software, including home alarm systems, intercom systems, smart home systems plus many more.

The Hikvision camera is a name quickly becoming popular in the residential market place owing mainly to their reliable high performance network IP cameras and NVR network video recorders. These security camera systems work best when installed and configured by a licensed security installer.

Camera System Features

  • Remote viewing from laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Analytics include – motion detection recording, line crossing, intrusion, object abandoned, object removed, face detection, heat mapping, people counting and many more
  • Wi-Fi and wired cameras
  • 2 MP to 12MP camera resolution range
  • 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel NVR range
  • Vandal proof cameras
  • IP 66 rated cameras for outdoor use
  • Built in audio cameras

Security Camera Installation

Dahua Camera Systems

Our best seller on the residential market place.Dahua security products have been ranked number 2 in the video surveillance equipment market according to an IHS report.

Dahua is committed to providing the highest quality products with its latest technologies. Their security cameras are widely used on the global market in many areas such as residential, retail, schools, banking, warehouses, public security, intelligent buildings and many other fields.

Camera System Features

  • Remote viewing from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Analytics include – alarm motion, tripwire, intrusion, scene change, missing object, facial detection, people counting, heat mapping and many more
  • 2MP to 4K camera resolution
  • 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel NVR
  • Vandal proof cameras
  • IP66 rated cameras for outdoor use

A Cheaper Alternative To Our Top 2 Brands

Security Camera Installation

Swann Camera System

With a high demand over the last few years in home security systems, Swann have secured a satisfactory amount of the CCTV manufacturers market. The Swann camera systems are affordable to the homeowner but lack the qualities and features of the Hikvision and Dahua brands. Their features include motion detection and heat mapping but unfortunately don’t have 2 way audio although it does pair up with smart home systems, Google home and Amazon Alexa. The cameras do not include artificial intelligence features like facial detection and people recognition which can be an issue if you’re a pet owner when you constantly get notifications when your dog comes into the view of the camera.

Security Camera Installation

Ring Doorbell Pro

The Ring Doorbell has everything you need when it comes to your front doorbell. It offers a sharp 1080p resolution video day and night and has 160 degree field of view. The doorbell has many features such as, the camera, built in microphone, motion sensor, a speaker and the interior chime. Once the doorbell button is pushed the interior chime sounds, the camera starts recording and a notification is then sent to the homeowners phone. Here you can speak from anywhere in world with the person that may be at your front door.

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