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Security Services

Residential and Commercial Alarms, CCTV, Motion Sensors and Intercoms.

With 20 years of experience covering all aspects of security system installations, and a security master licence, you can trust your home or business to km.electric.

Alarm Systems

We specialise in Bosch and Paradox alarm and motion sensor systems. Our systems can be wired or wireless, are pet friendly, and can be easily set up to arm the entire system, or to partially arm rooms that require monitoring.

Our state-of-the-art alarm systems can be supplemented with: window and door sensors, panic buttons, and smoke detectors. Key fobs can be added to remotely set alarm modes. Current systems can be configured to automatically dial your mobile number in the event of an alarm.

CCTV Systems

Our range includes the best CCTV brands and solutions including Hikvision and Dahua systems. All km.electric camera systems are IP (internet protocol) and send and receive data via a video network. Footage can be retrieved and reviewed either on site, or remotely over the internet using your mobile phone or laptop/computer.

Our CCTV systems also include a video analysis function which allows the network to be set to flag events in the camera’s field of vision. This could be could be anything from motion detection to tampering with the camera itself.

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Intercom Systems

Our advanced intercom systems are supplied with user friendly interfaces and take advantage of the latest technology developed by brands like Hikvision and Dahua. Intercom systems can come in visual and/or audio format, allowing you to hear and see who is at your front door or gate.

Our intercom devices can also be remotely viewed from anywhere in the world through a mobile phone or computer.

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