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At km.electric, we specialise in all electrical and maintenance work throughout the Sydney region. Our electricians are fully licensed, professional, and reliable in handling all types of residential & commercial electrical repair work. We can quickly diagnose electrical faults and carry out the appropriate repairs, including lighting, power, ovens and hot water systems. When calling us, you can expect a guaranteed same-day service with experienced electricians and fully equipped vehicles for every known job.

At Km.electric, our priority is to keep costs down by completing work safely and following the Australian electrical standards. Our electrical tradesmen are located all over the Sydney region, and we can have an electrician at your home within the hour. Yes, we offer a same day service with a zero call-out fee, and we show up on time every time. If you have just come across some electrical repair work for your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact Ken directly on 0405 83 83 83.

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Maintenance Electrician

At km.electric, we provide an extensive range of electrical maintenance services for businesses, strata, real estate and residential homes across the Sydney region. Whether your business or property requires electrical repairs, maintenance, installations or upgrades, we can provide any electrical service at any time of the day. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we are well equipped to provide all types of comprehensive electrical maintenance work. Our highly skilled and professional electricians will ensure your existing electrical systems are operating at maximum efficiency at all times and that your emergency maintenance needs are attended to immediately.

If the lights go out or an electrical fault occurs, Sydney businesses or homes need a quick solution. Our phones operate 24/7, offering maintenance services for switchboard repairs and upgrades, RCD safety checks, emergency & exit lighting, electrical testing, and all types of security systems. We also offer regular maintenance services to strata companies, real estate and property managers for annually or monthly inspections. Call us today for the solution to your electrical problem!

The Electrical Repairs We Offer

Switchboard & Meter Box Repairs

The switchboard or meter box controls and directs power throughout your home, and one slight problem can leave you in the dark. The electricity comes from your network provider, typically Ausgrid and will first enter your home through a service fuse and supply meter to read your energy consumption. The main switch in the switchboard enclosure will supply power to relevant circuits through safety switches (RCD/RCBOs) or ceramic fuses if the switchboard had been designed in the 70s or 80s. The safety switches and fuses will have different current ratings, and each rating will have a maximum continuous current they can carry. We have carried out switchboard repairs, and the main issue we come across regularly would be tripping safety switches or RCDs. If tripping safety switches or RCBOs occur, we advise plugging out all appliances from the power outlets before calling an electrician as we have seen time and time again this be the main culprit causing power failures.

If you have unplugged all appliances, and tripping still occurs, it’s likely your switchboard needs repairing or maybe a complete switchboard upgrade. Our electricians have been professionally trained in finding faults on switchboards and have the necessary tools and materials to repair any essential defects. Our knowledgeable electrician will test the circuit causing the issue, and if no faults appear on the test equipment, the safety switch or RCBO/RCD will need replacing. The other scenario is that the circuit carries a fault that the electrician will break down until the defect is located. Replacing the safety switch is a relatively straightforward process and can be repaired within 20 minutes.

If the below happens, you need an electrician for switchboard repair work –

● A burning smell from the switchboard, usually of plastic, causes can be from loose connections and possible arcing at the cable terminals.

● Are lights flickering in your home? Loose connections at the switchboard or even a lighting point inside your property are common causes. We have also seen the defects on the supply authorities neutral to cause flickering lights.

● Have you no power and lighting in your home? Maybe the service fuse has blown, or the main fuse in your switchboard has become defective.

If you are looking for repair work done on your switchboard/meter box or you need a quote for a switchboard upgrade – Call Ken Today on 0405 83 83 83.

Power & Lighting Repairs

Our highly experienced electricians are well familiar with the latest lighting and power products, and they are thoroughly trained for all types of electrical repair work. So if your lights are not operating or your power has suddenly dropped out, you urgently need a licensed electrician. Power and lighting can drop out at any moment, and if left unaddressed, it can become a hazardous situation. Many issues might result in your lighting needing repairing. Maybe the LED drivers or transformers have stopped functioning. The drivers and transformers control the voltage powering the light fitting and are primarily found in downlights and new light fitting types. Replacing the driver or transformer is a cost-effective solution for repairing the light fitting. Some old light fittings might include electronic gear; once this starts giving way, it’s time to upgrade to LED. New light fittings can transform and help enhance the overall feel of a room and can really turn a house into a home. Faulty wiring can also play havoc with your lighting, but our professional electrician have the necessary fault finding skills to repair any type of light fitting.

How frustrating when you lose all power to your outlets or some powerpoints are beyond repairing and need replacing. It becomes an emergency when your power outlets need fixing, or suddenly you have lost electricity throughout your home. At km.electric, our electricians have the knowledge and experience to repair any kind of faults on your power outlets. Many causes of power failure go back to the switchboard, and testing should start at this point if defects have occurred on the circuit. Overtime safety switches or RCDs can malfunction due to long term use, or arcing has materialised at the terminals. Circuit breakers, RCBOs and RCDs, are easily replaced, and this method is the only way to repair the switch. Like any type of electrical product, powerpoints have the nature of breaking down without warning, no matter how old the outlet may be. Most of the time, the metal contacts inside the powerpoints break down and become disjointed while losing the connection between its parts. For an experienced electrician, PowerPoint repairs is a straightforward procedure and can be repaired within minutes.

Power and lighting repairs need dealing with immediately, and calling expert electricians should be the first thing you do!

Smoke Alarm Repairs and Maintenance

A small fire is capable of spreading right through your home within minutes. By law, smoke alarms are compulsory for every home in Sydney and throughout Australia. In times you might not be aware, smoke alarms will alert you if the presence of smoke is smouldering through your home. Instead of waking you, the smoke and toxic gases from a fire can numb your senses and send you into a deeper sleep. This is why it is so vital that all homes and businesses comply with the Australian standards for smoke alarm installations. Throughout our 20 years of knowledge in the electrical trade, our electricians have the experience to tackle any smoke alarm repair or any type of electrical issue. There are two types of smoke alarms: the 240 volt powered and the 10-year lithium smoke alarm. We recommend the powered smoke alarm with a lithium battery as the battery keeps the smoke alarm operating in the event of a power failure. Also worth noting, installing a photoelectric alarm over the ionisation is far more effective for triggering and sensing smouldering fires.

Its recommended to replace your smoke alarm every ten years, but that’s not to say it can become faulty during this period. Our phone can ring during the night, and we have often been called out to customers home to resolve their smoke alarm issues. That little beeping sound you hear every 30 seconds or so is a common fault on the smoke alarm and must be immediately repaired or replaced. If the beeping sound continues, it indicates the smoke alarm has become faulty, or the battery needs changing inside the fitting. There is always a strong possibility that the electronics of the smoke alarm have broken down. We have seen incidents where pests or ants have been nesting inside the alarm, triggering it to become defective. Unfortunately, a smoke alarm cannot be repaired not unless the battery needs exchanging; otherwise, the whole unit will need replacing. No doubt, a smoke alarm is not a handyman’s job and must be installed or replaced by a licensed electrician.

At km.electric, not only do we provide smoke alarm installation and repairs service, but we also offer maintenance services. Smoke alarms under the legislation in buildings 2, 3, 4, and 9a are required by regulation to have a maintenance schedule in place for smoke alarm testing.

Through the fire safety schedule, it is recommended that the alarm system be regularly maintained on a six-monthly basis. We carry out various tests during smoke alarm maintenance, testing the fitting, checking the power supply to the alarm, smoke test, cleaning if necessary, and replacing expired or faulty smoke alarms. Our electricians have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to the NSW smoke alarm legislation and service.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

Oour highly experienced electricians offer the best ceiling fan installations throughout Sydney while also providing ceiling fan repair and maintenance services. Whether you are thinking of installing ceiling fans in the home or office, our professional and reliable electricians will deliver you a quality service. Installing ceiling fans in the home or office can have many benefits –
● Expect more cooler areas of your home during the summer months.
● A cheaper alternative to air conditioning.
● During the winter months, the ceiling fan can produce an airflow for heaters.
● Improves the aesthetic look and atmosphere of living or workspaces.
● Option to purchase DC motored ceiling fans as they run on 24volts, so less noise from the motor.

Installing a DC motor fan over AC has many benefits, including savings to run the ceiling fan as the DC fan requires less energy, which reduces costs on the energy bill in the long run. Many ceiling fans come in different sizes, so having the right blade size for a particular room in your home is very important.

Some ceiling fans will become faulty at some point in time, and depending on the problem calling an electrician to repair the ceiling fan would be the first call to make. Ceiling fan faults can vary dependent on the type of fan. The receiver on the DC motor can be problematic, and replacing or repairing is a straightforward procedure for a qualified electrician. With most DC ceiling fans being remote-controlled, the receiver in the base of the fan allows a signal between the control and the receiver. As the receiver has electronic parts, it sometimes malfunctions which stops the fan from operating. Over time we have also encountered issues with the motor; apparent faults are the bearings fail to rotate the ceiling fan blades. If the ceiling fan motor fails to operate, it is time to purchase a new ceiling fan. This kind of defect also applies to the AC ceiling fans motor. The AC ceiling fan runs from a three-speed wall controller mechanism, which is a variable speed controller. During the ceiling fans lifetime, the controller will need repairing, and our recommendation is to replace the controller or perhaps even the ceiling fan if it has seen many days.

Call Ken directly on 0405 83 83 83 if you have any questions or concerns about your ceiling fans; our experienced electricians are on hand for all ceiling fan installation and repairs.

Hot Water System Repairs

Unfortunately, electric hot water systems are also susceptible to electrical breakdowns at inconvenient times. Electrical hot water systems involve both plumbing and electrical components, and trying to second guess whether to call an electrician or plumber is always a tough call to make. It can make the convenience of not having hot water even more frustrating if you end up making the wrong call. It’s so much easier knowing if the problem is an electrical or plumbing issue. By calling your local licensed electrician, we can tell if the hot water system needs electrical repairs just by asking a few simple questions. The two main electrical components of the electric hot water system are the thermostat and heating element. The thermostat controls the temperature of the water and will be mainly found on the front panel of your hot water system. The heating element heats your water through the thermostat, and these parts can be found inside your hot water tank. Our qualified and experienced electricians can service and repair all electric parts on your hot water system and provide same-day electrical service.

Before calling an electrician to repair your hot water system, we recommend checking the circuit breaker or safety switch at the switchboard. You may find the reason you have no hot water is your safety switch has tripped. If you find it does not reset, immediately call an electrician to service your hot water. We have seen many hot water systems without power, and a faulty circuit due to a corroded cable is just one. The circuit breaker or safety switch may also just need replacing as, over time, they can malfunction. The majority of complaints we hear are that the hot water is not hot enough, which relates to the thermostat. The thermostat testing is a simple procedure, and if no voltage exists on the outgoing side of the terminals, the thermostat is deemed faulty. Also, the hot water system heating elements produce little to no hot water, and the testing process is straightforward. How do we know the heating elements are faulty? We test the component’s resistance, and if the test results show zero, the elements on the hot water system will need replacing.

Need electric hot water system repairs or service? Call Ken directly on 0405 83 83 83 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Have you lost power or lighting in your home, and you are now looking for an emergency electrician? At km.electric, our electricians are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to attend to your emergency electrical repairs. Our electricians are experts in fault finding techniques and take the necessary corrective steps to diagnose the fault quickly and efficiently in an emergency. We are a simple phone call away, and all you need to do is describe the problem to us, and we will take care of the next steps. If a power failure occurs, and before you call an emergency electrician, ensure you have unplugged all appliances at the power outlet. This will make certain your devices are not causing the power failure, and when calling Km.electric, we will ensure the appliance is not the defect. Many electrical faults may arise during a power or lighting blackout, but our local and experienced electricians are ready to assist you with any electrical fault.

The majority of our emergency calls relate to tripped safety switches or circuit breakers, and there are many causes for these types of faults. The most common one would be the failed safety switch which can take up to 20 mins to replace and get your power back up and running. If not the safety switch, the problem remains on the circuit or even a power or lighting outlet.

The emergency electrician will need to repair the circuit or outlet by breaking up the circuit cable and testing in blocks until the location of the defect is found. The same testing procedure applies to lighting circuits and always check outside lighting in the event of any rainfall; we have seen time and time again after heavy rain, safety switches tripping that will cause lighting or power failure. At km.electric, our electricians can identify any electrical fault and find a solution easily at cost-effective pricing.

If you are looking for any electrical repairs in Sydney, don’t hesitate to contact Ken directly on 0405 83 83 83. No matter what part of Sydney you are in or the size of electrical repair, we can have an experienced electrician at your doorstep when you require.

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24 Hour Emergency Electrician Service
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