A business needs reputable commercial electricians for commercial electrical services in order to give peace of mind and the business to perform without any hitch. Having reputable commercial electricians providing safety and security and any and all electrical installation, means clients will have more time to do their business instead of worrying of things going wrong. Whether it be a pendant lighting, switchboard, outdoor lighting or security camera installation,  all these needs to be done by a trustworthy certified commercial electrician. This is to ensure that they conform to code and have total adherence to safety regulations. 


There are electrical specialisations within the trade. They cannot be lumped together and one specialisation would be hard pressed to do another’s thing. Depending on locations, becoming an electrician needs a high school diploma, then trade school and apprenticeship. Some will take longer when pursuing a specialisation up to and including being an electrical engineer. To be a really good one will take a few years, at the most. A residential electrician typically is in charge of houses and single unit abodes.  The commercial electrician is responsible for wiring and other related services for offices and commercial premises. They install complicated power connection tiers that suit these properties. Expect the rates for commercial electricians to be higher than residential electricians. The complexity of the plans, wiring and circuits and a larger responsibility rests on the shoulders of these types of electricians. 


More than the electrician, electrical products that should be reputable brands to work well with your system. There is also a need to make maintenance checks to ensure that everything is working smoothly and prevent a minor glitch from becoming a major issue. Most enterprises contact trusted commercial electrician firms to make and maintain their offices, restaurants and other places for these premises to be fully compliant and stay in operation. As with the buildings themselves, the components are subject to time and deterioration which is why constant and periodic safety maintenance have to be performed.


Km.electric delivers electrical services for commercial operations including 

  • Electrical wiring and rewiring
  • Office fit-outs
  • Network data cabling network
  • Smart wiring systems
  • Security systems
  • Exit and Emergency lighting
  • RCD or residual current device safety tests 

And other pertinent jobs that require a fully licensed, professional electrician. Call for a FREE quotation today.