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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation
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Tesla EV Charger Installation

Are You Looking For Electricians To Install Your Tesla EV Charger?

Have you bought a Tesla? Are you tired of waiting for the mobile connector? The Tesla mobile connector plugs directly into a 10amp power outlet but can take a long time to recharge the battery. We recommend installing a dedicated circuit for the Tesla charger unit and finding the right team of electricians for your EV charger installation in Sydney.

Whether you have a single-phase or 3 phase supply, anything is better than using the 10amp mobile connector. The Tesla Model S and X have the same charging unit (wall connector), and their mobile connector is universal for any Tesla car. The Model S has a capacity charging power of 22KW on a three-phase power supply only, and with a single-phase supply on a 32 amp safety switch, you can receive 7.6KW of power. Installing the Tesla charging unit on a three phase-supply at a power charge of 22KW should give you 90KM per hour of charge. The installation of a single-phase dedicated circuit with 7.6KW of power at 35 km per hour of battery charge.

The Tesla wall connector installation is a straightforward and cost-effective procedure installed and done right by professional electricians. The installation process should take a day, but this depends on the location of the wall connector and switchboard (power supply box).

The site or property would first need inspecting and quoted before any work commences. The electrician would assess the switchboard to see how many power phases are in place. Just a pointer, a 3-phase power supply installation for your charger will cost more than a single phase, as more cabling and material are involved. The location of the wall connector is another significant factor; the closer to the switchboard, the easier the installation and the inexpensive the cost will be. The electrician will also need to determine how to install the cabling. Can the cable be run through cavity walls, or will the power supply need protection from either ducting or conduit? The wall connecter must have its dedicated circuit, so, in turn, it will have its safety switch (RCBO), and the 3-phase RCBO over the single-phase RCBO is quite a few dollars extra.

At Km.electric, we provide professional & reliable Tesla charger installation throughout the Sydney region.

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Experienced, Reliable Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Why Reliable and Experienced Electric Vehicle Installation is Vital for Tesla Users in Sydney.

A professionally installed charging station ensures optimum charging speed and safety.
An experienced electrician will adhere to all regulatory standards and reduce the risk of electrical faults, potential fire hazards, or damage to the vehicle’s battery.
Tesla’s technologically advanced models require specific knowledge to install compatible charging stations. Therefore, an experienced professional can provide tailored solutions that match the unique specifications of each model.
Finally, reliable installation services often include warranties and after-sales support, providing Tesla owners peace of mind knowing they have help readily available if any issues arise.

KM Electric Provide Fast, Safe & Affordable Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Sydney Wide

Deal Only With Tesla EV Charger Qualified Installers

Choosing a Tesla-qualified installer for your Tesla EV charger in Sydney ensures the highest standards of safety and workmanship. Our installers at km.electric are rigorously trained and adhere to Tesla’s strict guidelines. This ensures your charger is installed correctly, functions optimally, and complies with all relevant EV charger installation requirements in Australia.

So don’t just accept a subpar charger installation. Choose km.electric to get the best, most effective Tesla charger installation in Sydney! Our founder Ken will ensure your charging station is quick, appropriate for every user, and compatible with the power supply of your building.

Our Tesla EV Charger Installation Process

1. Property Assessment

Our team of EV Experts will carefully evaluate the specific needs of your location and create a tailored charging solution for your installation. This includes conducting a comprehensive analysis of your building’s power capacity, considering current structures, and allowing for future expandability to meet your requirements.

2. Plan & Designs

We specialise in meticulously planning and designing tailored solutions that perfectly match your unique requirements. Our team will handle every aspect, from the initial design to implementation. This includes mapping out efficient installation paths, providing effective cable run solutions, integrating a robust load management system for your facility, and selecting the most suitable Tesla EV charger options to meet your needs. Once the design phase is complete, you can expect to receive a detailed and precise quote.

3. Expert Installation You Can Trust

Following strict safety procedures, our team of professional Gold Master Electricians will expertly install your new EV charging station. Rest assured, after installation; we will meticulously test the charger and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Furthermore, we will provide a comprehensive system walkthrough, empowering you to maximise your experience with the charging station.

Contact km.electric to make the installation process stress-free and seamless!

Benefits of Installing Tesla EV Charger

Installing a Tesla EV charger at home comes with a multitude of benefits. The foremost is convenience; having a personal charging station enables you to charge your electric vehicle overnight, similar to charging a mobile phone, ensuring it’s ready for use the following day. It eliminates the need to queue at public charging stations, saving significant time.

Furthermore, it facilitates ‘off-peak’ charging during the hours when electricity demand is low, often leading to cost savings.

Lastly, it contributes to environmental sustainability by supporting the transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles, helping reduce carbon emissions.

For all your Tesla EV charger installation needs in Sydney, trust the qualified and certified electricians at km.electric. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation
Need Electric Vehicle Charger Installation?

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