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Professional LED Lighting Installers – But What Is LED Lighting?

Are you looking to enhance your indoor or outdoor living spaces with expertly installed LED downlights?

LED lighting, best known for its power savings while providing fewer costs on your utility bills. New homes have evolved to a more modern and sleek lighting fixture, changing from the incandescent light bulb to LED downlights over the past few years. LED lighting of any kind will be well-liked in today’s homes, and be prepared for these lights to be around for many years to come. Changing or upgrading your existing lighting to LED will have many good reasons, whether it’s enhancing a room’s decor or adequate brightness for detailed tasks. The LED lights will come in many different shapes and sizes, and there is a light type for almost every application. At Km.electric, we will review your existing lighting system and determine whether or not you can replace your current lighting with LED globes or if you need new lighting fixtures to support the new bulbs.

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Purpose Of LED Light Fitting Replacements

LED Lights

Has your home got efficient lighting for prime tasks like reading, writing, cooking, and not to mention many other additional undertakings? When planning the lighting scheme for your home or office space, be clear on the purpose of its lighting requirements. There will be three factors that come into play when making this decision, are you looking for lighting that is Task, Ambient or Accent lighting. As we have mentioned, Task lighting will provide concentrated light for more delicate tasks such as reading and writing. Ambient lighting is sometimes referred to as mood lighting and is used to soften the ambience to create a more relaxing tone of light. Accent lighting is used to generate light on features of your home and draw attention to focal points to a room that will make a difference.

When we talk about incandescent globes, we speak about watts; when dealing with LEDs, we deal with Lumens. The lumens measure the total amount of light emitted by the bulb, and the watts measure the amount of power consumed by the globe. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the lamp will appear, so this should be considered when redesigning your home. We have colour variations to choose from when replacing light fittings, warm white, natural white, and cool white and these colours are important when considering the shade for a room. Warm white is more commonly used for residential purposes and the main living areas of your home, like the sitting room, dining room and bedrooms. Natural white, a pretty mixture of warm and cool white, would be most suited for the kitchen and bathrooms areas of the home. Cool white is mainly found in hospitals, offices and some shops where task lighting is primarily required.

Types Of LED Lights

So many times, during an LED light installation, we hear the phrase, when do we change the globes in the LED light fitting? The LED itself is a light-emitting diode in the form of a chip integrated into the light fixture. We can find this electronic chip in many forms of light fittings, from LED downlights to oyster lights and many types of globes. Here we will look at the different types of LED light fitting and how they can transform your home.

LED Downlights

If you’re looking to replace light fittings and have the room and budget, installing LED downlights is the way to go. These days, downlight installations are easy, cost-effective, and reduce energy savings by a considerable amount. They are becoming a popular choice of light when it comes to new builds and renovations as they offer a more subtle type of light than the traditional lighting fixtures. The main objective of the downlight is to give you a more functional ambient light that will suit your home or office. LED downlights come in various colours, and the standard warm, cool and natural white are always adjustable through the flick of a switch. When installing LED downlights, it is essential to get the colour temperature right on the first go; we recommend applying warm white to living areas, such as the sitting & dining room, bedrooms and study. We advise on a natural or daylight white for the kitchen and bathrooms as this would be best suited for task lighting projects. Downlight installations are trouble-free when using professional and reliable electricians.

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Oyster LED Light Fittings

Are you looking for new ceiling light options and downlights are not an alternative, LED oyster lights would be our first option. Oyster lights were trendy in old apartment blocks and residential homes built in the 70s/80s. They were inexpensive, and because of the building structure, concrete ceilings, the oyster light fixture was adaptable during this era. The challenge with oyster lights during these times was that they created shadows due to low light levels and inappropriate globes. The old oyster lights will have a round dimension, a glass diffuser cover, and 2 to 3 lamp holders inside. The lamp holders will be either bayonet cap or edison screw and can withstand an average of 40 to 60 watts per globe. We highly recommend installing LED light fittings to replace the old and outdated oyster light fittings. LED oyster lights are cost-efficient, an energy saver, and can be installed in any room of your home. Most LED oyster lights will have a bright white colour in the range of 5000k to avoid any shadows and ensure the LED chip brightens up the room. Like downlights, always choose warm white for your living areas and natural white for task areas. Proper installation of LED light fittings will ensure trouble-free performance, so make sure to use professional and reliable electricians when replacing your lighting fixtures.

LED Strip Lighting Installation

Are you in need of ideas or looking to improve the aesthetics of your home? Have you thought about installing LED strip lighting? At km.electric, we provide cost-effective and professional LED strip lighting services. The strip lighting consists of a pliable circuit board with LED emitters mounted on flexible double-sided adhesive. The LED strip is operated through a 12v DC voltage transformer and is available in a wide range of various colours and brightness. You can purchase the strip length in 5 or 10-meter sections, and these lengths can be cut to size every one to two inches. Like LED downlights, the strip lighting brightness is determined by the lumens and is typically described in lumens per foot or meter. The LED illumination is established by the number of LEDs per foot or meter, the light output and efficiency and the power supply draw of the LED strip light.

Like most LED lights, strips are available in various colours, and the generally warm, cool and natural white, used for indoor applications. When we have been installing LED strip lights, there has been the need for colour effects. These situations are usually found in hallways, outdoor lighting, theatres and some home living areas offering great accent and theatrical lighting effects. Colours across the whole visible spectrum are available from violet, blue, amber, green, and even infrared. Going by previous strip lighting installation projects, we highly advise using colour changing strips, a bit more expensive but more fun and pleasure in the long run. Despite being flexible and easy to use, LED strips are nonetheless bare electronic components. Installing the LED strip lighting in an aluminium channel and plastic diffuser cover can considerably improve the LED strip lighting installation aesthetics. The track is typically long pieces of extruded aluminium in U or V shape. The strip is then placed in the extrusion and secured with adhesive tape at the bottom of the channel. The plastic diffuser is then placed over the extrusion and clipped into place on top of the track.

What to look out for when installing LED strip lighting

Before deciding on brands and types of LED strip lighting, the measurement of the strip will need to be carefully measured to determine how much strip you’ll be powering. The strips are available in set lengths but always preferable to get that little bit extra in the case of coming up short. The LED strips will have a maximum power run with the correct LED driver, and it’s never a good idea to exceed this run as problems may arise, such as voltage drop. The voltage drop will occur when the supplied power measured at the end of the strip does not equal the voltage measurement from the beginning. Adding additional power supplies will need to be added when installing the strip lighting in longer lengths to overcome voltage drop. A 24volt rated strip light can be applied for longer runs as the strip is supplied power from both ends, and shorter runs can be operated from a 12volt power supply.

The voltage of the strip light must match the voltage of the power supply, and the LED driver should be 20% more than the rated wattage of the strip lighting. So if the LED strip lighting requires 80watts to perform, you should use at least a 100watt transformer. For subtle and ambients applications, 5watt strip lighting, 10watts for vanity mirrors and bedrooms and task areas,15watts will be adequate. IP ratings are essential, and if installing LED strip lighting in wet areas, we recommended using IP66 extrusion for installation. Strip lighting for indoors, IP20 will be sufficient, as it should not come into contact with water. Choosing the right temperature is essential; ideally, you will want to match the lighting surrounding the strip lighting. If you’re looking for a soft, warm atmosphere, use a strip with a 2500k – 3000k temperature colour rating. If the warm white doesn’t fill your needs, you can always use 4000k as this will almost suit any application. If you are looking for help with your LED strip lighting installation, call us today

How Our LED Lighting Installers, Repair, Replace And Install LED Light Fixtures

As with any lighting system, lighting points and switch plates will deteriorate and age over time. After repeated use, switches can crack and expose live copper, and lights may flicker due to loose terminations or faulty lamp holders. While repairing or replacing a light fitting may seem relatively straightforward, you still need to hire a licensed electrician for any light fixture installation to avoid any insurance issues at all costs. Below are some steps on how we repair and replace LED light fittings.

● Lights not working? On arrival to the site, our electrician will have a brief discussion on what went wrong. We would first check the power supply and test the load side of the circuit breaker for power. If the CB remains on and no power prevails, the safety switch is redeemed faulty and will need replacing. In other scenarios, if the safety switch refuses to stay in the ON position, the circuit will need testing to indicate if there is a fault on the cable. If the test does not show a bad reading, the safety switch will need to be changed. The circuit, if faulty, will need splitting up to determine where the fault sits if the above actions have not solved the issue. All connections will need to be verified to be tightly connected if the light fittings fail to work. A time of between one to three hours should be allowed for testing procedures if your lights have lost power.

● LED light fitting replacement – can a light fitting installation or replacement be complicated. The short answer is no, but only if installed by a professional and licensed electrician. This procedure is straightforward; our electrician will set up tools and step ladders in the specific location where the light will be installed while ensuring the area is clear of any obstruction or hazards. The power will need to be isolated and the circuit tested before the light is disconnected and made safe. The electrician will re-strip cables for new terminations. The new LED light fitting can now be fitted, terminated and installed onto the ceiling. A quick check of the connections and, if secure, switching the safety switch to resume power will be one of the final steps. The electrician will finally check the light fitting installed is in proper working order.

● New light installation with switch – could be a bit more problematic than just replacing a light fitting. A new lighting fixture installation with isolation will require additional wiring and a possible cable duct if wall cavities or wall chasing are not viable. Before any works occur, our electrician will access the worksite and then calculate the easy method for installing the wiring and the location for the new switch and light. Always best practice installing the switch on an exterior wall; otherwise, cable ducting or wall chasing could be an option for an interior wall. The new light fitting requires a supplied live feed, neutral and earth, and the electrician will install from the nearest light fitting or junction box. A twin active cable (feed & switch live) from the light fixture will need positioning at the new isolation switch. Once wires are in place, the electrician can terminate the light switch and install the new LED light fitting. Upon installing the light fixture and switch plate, the power supply can be connected to activate the new fittings.

● Replacing light fittings for LED Downlights – what better way to light up your home than by changing your light fittings to LED downlights. LED downlight installations are uncomplicated as long as there is access into a roof space or above the ceiling. Is your ceiling concrete? If so, the likelihood of installing downlights will be slim. Generally, all single-story homes will have reasonable access above the ceiling, and installations are pretty straightforward. Before an installation commences, the electrician will study the roof to see how many downlights will need installing. If you use a wider beam downlight, it is best to space the downlights 1.2meters – 1.5 meters apart. At km.electric for all our downlight installation projects, we use 10watt tri-colour spotlights, which are also dimmable. We recommend installing a dimmer for spotlights installed in the living areas and bedrooms, as they make excellent lighting flexible. Dimmers are pretty easy to install, and no new cabling is required, just a new switch plate to fit the dimmer mechanism. If the downlights have been marked and cut out with the appropriate cutting saw, the existing lighting may be disconnected and removed from the circuit.

● What happens next? The wiring installation can now take place, and the plug sockets are connected to the wiring. A plug socket or plug base allows easy connection betweenthe downlight and the socket. The downlights are put into place once the terminations are secure on the plug socket. When the downlights are installed, the new power supply is connected, and the power is restored through the safety switch.

● Chandelier lighting service – professional chandelier installation companies can replace any light fittings with any difficultly. Remember, chandelier light fittings are pretty delicate objects and can weigh rather heavily depending on the structure and size. Our chandelier installers have the right equipment for any type or size of lighting fixture. The equipment we have used for chandelier installations has included scaffolding, extensive to medium-sized step ladders, straight ladders, and winches. The majority of installers needed per installation can vary from 2 to 3 persons. Again this would solely depend on the size of the light fixture and how much accessibility the installers would have in one given area. Before all installation work occurs, the client and installer will discuss the job carefully as it ensures the chandelier installation is completed right the first time around.

● Other reasons why experts are needed for chandelier services – if the chandelier will replace a light fitting and the location needs changing, the electrician will need to relocate and extend the cable for the new position. An electrician will also notify you if the ceiling can support the chandelier; if no timber joist is in place for the chandelier installation, the electrician will need to install a timber bracing for the light fixture support. The first step the chandelier installer should take is verifying no parts are missing and unbroken. The base can then be mounted to the ceiling, some are usually just a hook, and some are metal plates complete with screws and bolts. To avoid marks and smudges, the electrician can wear cotton gloves when installing the chandelier. Temporarily the light fixture can be held in position while the client chooses the right chain length for the fitting. Before power is resumed, the installer can carefully install the crystals on the chandelier and complete the installation.

The Cost To Install LED Lighting

Depending on the light fitting will determine the cost of installation. Most LED downlight installers will charge between $90 – $100 per downlight install, but many factors will also decide on price. Some factors may include the material, labour and access or obstructions.

Labour – the cost of downlight installation can vary from state to state, but in NSW, a licensed electrician could cost anywhere from $90 to $100 per hour. We much prefer to price by the job, so our pricing for downlight installer can range from $95 per spotlight install & supply.

Material – dependant on the downlight to be purchased could also have an impact on the cost. Downlights are priced from $20 upwards, and we have purchased spotlights for clients at $120.

Obstruction – one area where prices could increase is access from light to light. On the ground floor of double story homes, timber joists could potentially play havoc when installing cabling for the downlights. In these types of scenarios, we charge anything from $110 to $120 per downlight install.

Light fitting replacement costs – light fitting installations costs can differ depending on the light fixture. Our standard charges for installing a new light can start from $150; this includes the call-out fee and one hour of labour. Chandeliers and pendant lights may have a higher price; the size of the light would influence the cost.

If you need licensed and local electricians with 5-star reviews for the installation of LED light fittings, Call Ken directly on 0405 83 83 83

We Are Now a Beacon Lighting Preferred Electrician

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We Are Now a Beacon Lighting Preferred Electrician

km electric beacon electrical preferred electrician

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