Registered electricians in Sydney have been in more demand the past year than the previous years. The pandemic and the scare it brings have made people turn to devices and electrical equipment in the safety of their homes. Or wherever they feel safe. Because it went on for weeks, it has become a habit that can be hard to break.


Very few children plan to be an electrician. Their early dreams usually were to be construction truck drivers, doctors or whatever their father-figure do. Some kid incursion and excursion activities  offer seminars or modules that spark a child’s interest. There are some instances when a child will be introduced to electricity and like the real thing, once it gets a hold of a body, it does not easily let go. 


Average age of an electrician

The average age for an electrician in Australia is 34 years old. That is lower than the world average of 40-42. Registered electricians in Sydney are highly in demand and that goes for the rest of Australia. Some people can even apply for visas to migrate and work under general skilled visa programs. 


Registered Electricians In Sydney1The electrifying life of an electrician

As of 2019, electricians are in the second highest paid trades in Australia next to boilermakers. This is one of the trades that has improved much because of the pandemic. There is a positive demand trend looking further up as the country engages in more infrastructure and technology. This means an even greater opportunity for electricians. An increase in demand means those qualified can even choose their own specialty path and not be too concerned about being jobless. 


Among those we are most familiar with are local electricians, residential electricians, emergency electricians, those that know garden lighting and outdoor lighting to maintain our pendant lights, intercoms in both settings where we would need residential and commercial electricians. These areas of discipline barely skim the surface of how extensive the opportunities of being an electrician are right now in Australia.