Electrical problems can damage appliances but it’s also a risk to our life and property. Here’s how you can detect electrical problems in your home:


An electrical shock is an unpleasant experience even when they’re mild. If you touch a metal object and received a shock, you should be aware that your electrical system is not grounded properly. Electrical shocks usually happen when you turn an appliance on or off. There could be an issue with the appliance but most of the time it could be in the wiring. Try plugging another device, if you received another shock the problem could be with the wiring. Call an electrician to fix the problem.


Many electrical appliances like toaster or oven produce heat during use. Electric current can make the switch plate slightly warm. However, your outlet should never get hot. If you feel your outlet is uncomfortably hot, immediately unplug any cords attached to it and try it in another outlet. If the outlet remains hot without anything plugged in, there could be a problem with the wiring.


Sparking is a sign of an electrical problem. Sparking may indicate a short circuit or water exposure. Check where it’s coming from. Is the fuse box, breaker panel, wiring, or outlet sparking? Call an electrician as soon as possible because it may cause a fire.


A burning smell is an immediate warning sign that your electrical system is heating causing the plastic sheathing to melt and possibly burn. Burning, smoky or funny odors near your outlet or electrical panel mean that fire damage is starting and it’s important to have it fixed immediately. Don’t try to fix it yourself, pick up the phone and contact an electrician.


Check your wirings and outlet for discoloration and scorching. If you notice any discoloration or scorch mark on the wires or outlets it means damage has been done in some way because it is releasing heat. The heat caused discoloration and scorching and may cause damage to your home if left unchecked.


If you notice the insides of the outlet are moving around when you plug a cord into the outlet, it’s time to check the outlet and fix it. A loose outlet will shake the wires free. It may lead to sparks and may cause a fire. Loose outlets can also cause electrical shock to anybody who is plugging or unplugging a cord.


Outlets and switches must operate silently. If you hear any cracking, sizzling, or buzzing sounds when you flip your switch or plug into an outlet, turn of the power immediately. Even if your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, it doesn’t mean there’s no problem with your electrical wiring. A buzzing sound from your outlet is a sign that your wiring needs a professional upgrade.


Your lights typically draw a small amount of power and should not cause dimming or flickering. This case is usually caused by major appliances that are wired to the same circuit. Consult an electrician about putting lights on a different circuit or installing specific lines for major appliances.


The circuit breaker is designed to shut off your power when your system is overloaded. Most of the time, you only need to switch it back on to continue with your tasks. But, if the circuit breaker frequently trips – many times a month, it’s a sign that there could be a potentially dangerous problem in your electrical wiring. Look at what’s causing it, if it’s the washing machine that causes the breaker to trip the washing machine could be the cause or the circuit could be overloaded. Consult a professional electrician to discuss upgrading your circuit or adding a new line.


Chewed of frayed wiring may be caused by rodents who love to chew electrical wire or an amateur handyman. Damage like this can cause electrical shock and fire hazards. If you see any droppings or signs of rodent activity in your house, check all wiring in the area for signs of any damage. Call an electrician to inspect and replace your home’s wiring.

If you detect any electrical problem in your home do not try to fix it yourself because it could be dangerous. If you don’t have the expertise and necessary tools to fix any of these problems, get in touch with professionals. KM Electric can help diagnose your electrical problems.