It is almost that time again, Christmas time and all its trimmings. It is prudent to have the number of emergency electricians in Sydney, just in case. Why? Because seeing the awe in children’s faces once the Christmas lights are up and twinkling can make us overlook Christmas lights are fire hazards. Installing lights and other holiday decorations can be fire hazards and should be given exhaustive attention to heed safety precautions. even if the occasion is a merry one. We should still be careful and vigilant.  


Fires from Christmas lights and other Christmas related mishaps are not new. That is why fire safety and having emergency numbers nearby is essential even in times of festivities.

Christmas Lights Fire Hazards

Some preventive measures should always be taken to ensure a very merry Christmas.

  • Check old Christmas lights for damage. It is best to not try and fix torn and frayed fairy lights as there might be more problems in the future.  Trying to save a little can cause a lot of harm.
  • Do not mix old with newly bought lights. Old fairy lights should be double checked for loose bulbs and wires. Use wire clips instead of nailing or using screws to fix the lights firmly in places where you want them. Nails and screws can expose and strip these wires and may cause electric shock.
  • Christmas lights are often labeled. Use them where appropriate. Indoor lights and outdoor lights should not be used interchangeably. LED lights are more efficient energy-wise in the long term. 
  • Avoid overloading plugs and wall sockets, extension wires and piggy back connectors and plugs. All wires and connections should be neat and orderly and free from clutter. Make sure your home is safe for the holidays even with the additional lights and decorations plugged in. To avoid overheating, install a timer for both indoor and outdoor arrangements.
  • Even newly bought fairy lights can easily be ragged or torn inside. Inspect lines from time to time. Check for frayed wires or those torn from wind or foot traffic especially lights outdoors which can rub them and uncover the wires. Indoor lights are a familiar target with pets, especially cats. They could easily be tangled up, spliced and expose the fibres which can start sparks and electrical fires.


Installing your lights properly and safely for the holidays is ensuring peace of mind while enjoying festivities with your loved ones. Knowing the number of emergency electricians in Sydney helps Sydney residents have a semblance of peace for those times of just in case. Have a safe and merry Christmas.