Where there’s smoke, there should be a smoke alarm installed. Smoke alarm installations are a necessity for enclosed structures such as residences, factories and other similar establishments. The effectiveness of properly installed smoke alarms has been demonstrated significantly. That is why it is now included in legislation. Buildings have to be compliant with this requirement to be fully operational. 


As with most senses, the sense of smell or olfaction gets dulled when we are tired, depressed, sick or sleeping. Olfactory fatigue or nose blindness is a temporary condition where we will not be able to get a whiff or smell anything distinctive. In Australia, under 2006 NSW building code regulation, fully functioning smoke detectors are to be positioned at the ceiling ideally in the centre of every floor or storey of an accommodation that has a bedroom or a conspicuous place connecting the bedrooms. A few experts pointed out that devices placed twelve inches from the ceiling are able to detect smoke that behaves differently.


Similar lodgings habituated by people should also be installed with these smoke sensors like living rooms, dens and garages, and remember to avoid the bathroom and laundry. Hot steam from either might trigger the alarm and it might cause unnecessary confusion and anxiety. These stand alone devices are a landlords responsibility and should be their priority to safeguard their tenants.  

smoke alarm installation

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Do keep smoke alarm devices away from ceiling fans.

Do  check for batteries and functionality monthly.

Do read the fine print of your smoke detector product.

Do update your system every five to ten years or earlier.


Don’t try to install your system by yourself, especially hardwired smoke detectors.

Don’t install near kitchen appliances that may trip the device unnecessarily for false alarm.

Don’t fail to check the alarm occasionally for termites and functionality.

Don’t forget to test your alarm frequently.


Something as precious as your loved ones’ lives should not be DIY’ed. Your smoke alarm installations are best left to qualified and licensed professionals such as Kmelectric  to ensure a safe, secure abode. It is not merely fire that endangers lives. Toxic smoke inhalation fatalities statistics are greater than actual fire fatalities. This makes smoke detection devices a necessity to protect our families and loved ones.