A residential electrician is one handy person to have as he is one of the most needed electricians. It is more often the reason for an “electrician near me” search term on search engines. This could be due to the number of residential electrical services residential houses and families need and nothing is more precious than our loved ones lives. Keeping them safe is always a priority.


Electrical emergencies never come at a convenient time. That is why it is an emergency. It helps to have the number of  a residential electrician accessible for these cases and having a local electrician nearby saves much needed time in between the start of the emergency to lessen potential damage to life and property. Electrical emergencies may happen at any time, day or night and at any day including weekends. Some data show that an electrical emergency usually happens at night or on weekends when more people are present and more electricity is used. 


Residential electricians  are certified professionals working in residential premises to install, inspect, repair and maintain faulty and flawed electrical elements such as appliances, exposed wires, live cables, short circuits and unsafe cords and wiring installations. Some electrical emergencies start out as negligent activities such as pulling the plug through the cord instead of the sturdier plug. Electrical overload is another one of could have been prevented circumstance. This is normally the cause for a blown fuse which needs to be repaired and the cause have to be determined and fixed. A common mistake is replacing it with a fuse that is of a different amperage than is recommended, This tends to damage the wiring, devices and appliances attached to it.


Fully qualified electricians recommend installing a safety switch in new homes and businesses. This is in accordance with Australian law for each individual circuitry. Km.electric provides a full range of electrical services in Sydney and nearby areas. From switchboard upgrades to preventive maintenance and complete home rewiring, trust us to deliver professional, high-quality electrical workmanship.  Call us NOW.