It is only prudent to have time to be on the lookout and schedule emergency, repairs and maintenance for electricity and electrical work for all your buildings and dwelling. Although you really cannot see enough into the future to prepare for an emergency, covering the basics and learning from the past can save lives. It is best to find a trustworthy emergency electrician nearby to deal with the occasional testing of these equipment. Smoke alarms, cameras, switchboards and power points should be checked periodically to ensure that they will be functional and will work should the need arise. 


Kmelectric is composed of fully licensed and insured electricians in Sydney that have 20 years of experience in handling all your electrical needs. Emergency components such as smoke alarms, emergency lighting, electrical power points safety testing are indispensable in preventing a crisis. Keeping them in tiptop condition will ensure that these will not be the cause of any accident. 


Maintenance of important components such as

Emergency lighting – emergency lighting is not used all the time that is why it can be easy to  be unaware if it is still functioning or not. An electrician will keep track of the dates it needs to be checked. Doing this will assure everyone that the lights will come on when it needs to, especially in times of emergencies. The illumination provided will be the lifeline in these situations.   

Smoke alarms – fires can be deadly. But a higher percentage from fatality than the actual fire is from the smoke inhalation causing people to lose consciousness and make it a little harder to be rescued. An operational smoke alarm will rouse the occupants and give them time to escape and get to safety.

Power points – also called power switch or general power outlets include emergency stop switch or kill switch to turn off all machines in an emergency. This is extremely important especially when the emergency involves water, storms or anything of the like.. 


Emergencies are never welcome and seldom ever expected. Don’t wait until an emergency occurs. Examine your system for safety and functionality. Inspect and perform safety checks. Give Kmelectric a call and let us handle your emergency, repairs and maintenance electrical work for you.