Exit lighting and emergency lighting are important requirements of the building code of Australia through the Work Health and Safety Act of 2011. All employers, business owners, even a few residences, public housing, manufacturers and building managers and deed holders are legally obligated to install self powered and self illuminated exit and emergency lighting. Australian AS/NZS 2293 series of Standard has a comprehensive list of the governing principles that property owners must adhere to. They must have a concise understanding and strict compliance of the safety principles to stay open and in business.


This legislation specifies the design, appearance, installation, location and maintenance of exit and emergency lighting for enclosed premises. It includes a directive that it should be checked, tested and maintained every six months. It also states that  the self powering attribute of these lights stay for a minimum of six hours once the regular electricity cease to work either due to a power outage or an event of unforeseen circumstance.


Importance of emergency and exit lighting

To ignore installing contingency and exit lights is to disregard lives that might be saved. The primordial reason for these lighting implements is to prevent people being locked in in case of accidents that can happen at any time. If it happens at night or when the electricity goes out, a properly functional and maintained crisis and exit lights will guide people to  the way out to make sure everybody makes it safely out of the premises. 

Exit Lighting And Emergency Lighting1

Some of the locations that emergency lights are placed are on high-risk areas like the restrooms, corridors, hallways and  in conspicuous areas with unobstructed paths leading to emergency exits. Failure to comply with these laws may be grounds to close the premises. It may also result in heavy fines and penalties if not correctly maintained or specifications are lacking in any way.


To ensure that your tenants and employees are safe from any untoward incident that could occur without notice. Kmelectric guarantees that the emergency and exit lighting installations in your space are accurate and according to legal specifications. We are highly qualified experienced electricians that offer cost-effective electrical and security services throughout the Sydney metropolitan region.